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Our Event Design & Collaboration Process

Planning an event can be a stressful process. However, our goal is to make the process stress-free and collaborative. In a Stem to Stern collaboration,  our core values in are mindfulness, transparency, communication, and professionalism. This post provides an explanation of the basic our basis process of planning and executing the botanical design for an event (such as a wedding, special dinner, gala, or benefit). This should give you a clear idea of the timeline and the nature of our collaboration in the months and days leading up to the special day. 

When we have the benefit of several months of planning before your event, the basic process will likely follow the timeline detailed below. If your booking requires us to collaborate on a more compressed timeline, we will work together to develop a timeline that works for everyone. 

  • Learn About Us 

  • Before you contact us (see Reach Out), we encourage you to take a close look at our website and learn about our core philosophies, design style, levels of service, and design and collaboration process. Be sure to check out our “About” page, our portfolio, and articles/posts such as this one. In addition to our website we also encourage you to visit our social media pages, such as Instagram or Pinterest. Through these, you can learn more about our design aesthetic and inspiration,  as well as our core values. If what you see speaks to you (and we hope it does!), please reach out either via our website’s contact form  or via email, so we can learn more about each other! Be sure to provide your phone number so we can call you back, if phone is your preferred method of contact. 

  • Our Initial Consultation 

  • Once you contact us and provide a few details, we’ll set up an initial consultation at a time and location that’s most convenient for you. Consultations can be done in person at our Provincetown studio (located a bike ride away from Commercial Street), at a mutually convenient location on the Outer Cape, or via video conference. During this discussion, we will get to know each other, discuss your initial ideas, concept, and expectations, and determine the level and extent of services in which you might be interested. We’ll also discuss your event’s location, and your likes and dislikes in terms of flowers and other botanicals. You will learn more about how we work, the origin of our botanicals, our style, and our range of services. We will spend some time brainstorming and possibly doing some rough sketches. We will also discuss budget and your overall desires for the event, generally, and for the botanical design, specifically. 

  • Your Proposal

  • After our initial consultation, we will follow up via email with a proposal outlining our suggestions and inspiration for your day. This will be based, in large part, on what was adduced during our initial consultation. Your proposal will include a “mood board” containing several inspiration images. These images typically do not depict finished floral designs from other events (either our events or those of other designers/florists). We find that using images from completed designs on the mood board can limit creativity. Our inspiration images often comes from gardens and nature. You will also receive a brief concept statement to accompany the mood board. Additionally, your proposal will include our suggestions for your event along with price quotes along with a description of some potential species and cultivars of botanicals for your event. If desired, you will have an opportunity to collaborate on revising the proposal. 

  • Booking Your Event 

  • If decide to book with us, amazing! You should let us know via email, and we will send you a contract catered to the level of services and expectations for each of us. Once we send you the contract, we will await a signed version from you, along with a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 25% of the total investment. Upon receipt, we will promptly confirm your spot our event calendar! At that point, our primary collaboration will kick off! 

  • Communicating with Us 

  • After booking with us and before our Second Meeting (see below), we encourage you to keep in touch with us via email as you iron out more details of your wedding day. We encourage you to use us as a resource as much as you like during the visual planning process. If you live locally or want to visit, you are welcome to stop by our creative studio in Provincetown so we can meet face to face! If you are working with an event planner, the majority of communications may be between us and the planner. 

  • A Second Meeting 

  • On an as-needed basis, we will also have a second meeting, either in person or via phone or videoconference, to further iron out any remaining details regarding your floral designs and supporting elements, such as vase choices, specific botanicals, ribbons, votives, etc. We may revise your flower order and your mood board accordingly, until it is just right. We try to do this second meeting more than thirty (30) days before the event, if possible. If you are working with an event planner, this Second Meeting may be attended by the event planner, you, or both! 

  • Our Logistics Check-In

  • Thirty (30) days before your event, we will have you submit a second nonrefundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total investment, as well as a logistical questionnaire so that we may know the specifics of the event timeline, other vendors, family members, etc. Based upon this questionnaire, we will develop (in consultation with the event planner, if any) an informed schedule for delivery, installation, and strike (i.e., cleanup after your event). This will be the last opportunity for you to make changes to your designs and botanicals.

  • Day of Event 

  • Your final 25% payment will be due no later than the morning of the event. That day, we will arrive at the scheduled time to install your botanicals and decor. Because of all the collaboration we’ve done beforehand, our installation will be exciting, seamless, and worry free. We will provide ample time for photography, and we will inspect our installation—from stem to stern—to ensure that everything is perfect.  

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